The ‘STICH-IN-TIME’ Club – Community Reflects 2020

Getting things Done in Bacchus Marsh in 1941

As the army personnel prepared for war at the Darley Military Camp, the local community played its part by mobilising fundraising and support on the home front.

The Weekly Times, Sat 18 October 1941, Page 7 celebrate the effort of the local Bacchus Marsh community. Courtesy of TROVE, National Library of Australia.

One endeavour included a group of industrious ladies who helped by mending clothing and other apparel for the soldiers. They called themselves – the Stich-in-Time Club.

The Stich-in-Time Club

Bacchus Marsh ladies went to the Camp regularly to mend clothing, sew on buttons and darn socks for the soldiers.

Members of the Stich-in-Time Club. Courtesy of the Bacchus Marsh and District Historical Society’s Collection.

In one case, they almost completely rebuilt a pair of socks owned by a Tasmanian Private. Luckily, the local Patriotic Guild came to the rescue, with three new pairs.

The ‘Stitch-In-Time’ Club operated in a room at the YMCA hut at the camp, managed by Mr Cutler. To assist the ladies the ACF (Australian Comforts Fund) provided them with an electric sewing machine, electric irons and ironing boards.

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