The Early History of Bacchus Marsh Schools


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When Walter Stewart retired from teaching in 1975 he set out to solve the many puzzling queries about the early schools in Bacchus Marsh. Little did he realize the volume of documents he would have to peruse at the State Library, nor the wealth of information that lay there waiting to be uncovered. Neither did he realize that he would be divulging the early history of almost twenty schools, several of which are quite forgotten today. Vividly revealing too, has been the light thrown on the scene by Christopher Crisp, editor of the Bacchus Marsh Express almost right through the period 1849 to 1920. In this book the author has recorded the stories which have fascinated him, and he hopes they prove just as interesting to the reader. It is hard for the young people of today to imagine the life of our early teachers. So many of them were direct from the British Isles and even a hundred years ago their accents could prove a handicap in their work. Many of them left their individual mark on the district’s youth, and their memories have lived glowingly on.

Author: Walter Stewart

Publisher: Bacchus Marsh and District Historical Society Inc.

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