Darley Military Camp 80th Anniversary – Online Community Project 2020 Ends

Thank you to everyone who followed our Blog and Saturday Facebook interviews and articles on the Darley Military Camp. We have enjoyed bringing this history to you and reading your comments. To all of the participants, thanks for your contributions!

Today we end this project with sharing some final photos of unnamed service personnel. All courtesy of the Society’s Collection.

Servicemen – Balliang Volunteer Defence Corps – 13th December 1942 – names unknown.
Three Servicemen at the Darley Military Camp – 17 November 1940 – names unknown.

Servicewoman during World War II – Name unknown.

Serviceman at the Darley Military Camp in World War II – name unknown.

Airforce Serviceman at the Bomb Dump in the Pentland Hills – name unknown.

Three Airforce Personnel at the Bomb Dump in the Pentland Hills – names unkown.

If you happen to know a person or maybe some history about the photographs, please let us know and make a comment on our Facebook page now.

Stay tuned to next Saturdays new online history project!