Honour to whom Honour is Due: Bacchus Marsh & District Volunteers 1914-1918

Authors: Katrina Lyle & Katrina Bradfield

Honour to whom Honour is Due describes the individual service experience of 463 WWI enlistees with associated with Bacchus Marsh and its surrounding district. Each individual biography describes the soldier’s connection to the district and his personal circumstances. It provides an account of each enlistee’s service and wartime or post war fate. The book makes extensive use of the enlistees’ wartime letters to provide readers with firsthand accounts of experiences such as the Gallipoli landing, camp life, battles of the Western Front, life in the trenches and hospitalization. Other contemporary primary documents and photographs are used to evoke a sense of each soldier as a unique individual. Soldiers’ graves and memorials, both overseas and at home, are also identified.

The book describes the Bacchus Marsh community’s response to the war and to the fate of local enlistees. It is possible for readers to trace the journey the community took over the course of the war as it grappled with the extraordinary events affecting those they valued and loved. This overarching narrative enables readers to better understand both the enlistees and their community within the values and environment of the time.

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