About Us

The Bacchus Marsh & District Historical Society Inc was established October 4 1968.

The purpose of the Bacchus Marsh & District Historical Society is stated in the "Objects" clause of the adopted constitution and is as follows:

The object of the society shall be to promote the study, collection, preservation of Bacchus Marsh and District's history, historical places and objects. To promote and support historical research and publication of same. To hold regular meetings of its members. To arrange displays, the reading and discussion of "papers" as may promote the above objects.

We are an incorporated not-for-profit association. View our Rules Here

We meet bi-monthly except December.

Meetings are held on the last Thursday of the month.

We meet in one of the meeting rooms at the Lerderderg Library in Main Street Bacchus Marsh.

As we are a certified Place of Deposit for the Public Record Office of Victoria, we are able to receive and store certain records from local Government bodies. We are also keen and very grateful to receive any form of record concerning the past undertakings of organisations/people of the Bacchus Marsh District. These could include business records including account books, staff members, minute books and achievements. Also similar items from sporting bodies and other community groups. All of these items go to paint a picture of our vibrant past. 

All contributions are treated with the greatest respect and care and if so desired can have availability restrictions placed on them.

Published on  March 16th, 2018